The ever-growing Libarynth is almost exactly what its name implies – a hybrid between a library and a labyrinth, a maze of pages in various stages of completion. It is a deeply intertwingled collection of documents, notes and randomness - many of which are related to FoAM, a network of transdisciplinary labs at the intersection of art, science, nature and everyday life.


FoAM's collaborators, friends and sympathisers use the Libarynth as a research diary, sketchbook, and activity log. Some sections of the Libaryth are well structured, others are overgrown and forgotten. Pages can be found on a variety of topics, from visual programming to inflatables or vegetarian-friendly restaurants around the world, lists of Culture Ships or steady state economics, or perhaps notes about fermentation. Many pages are in development, containing a few links or a couple of short notes (inviting interested wiki-gnomes to expand them). Others are more complete research reports, publications or reading notes. For weeks the Libarynth might be quiet, punctuated with sudden bursts of activity, as can be seen in recent changes. As a living archive of FoAM's interests and activities, the Libarynth is continually changing and expanding.

For some the Libarynth can be overwhelming, so we advise caution when first treading over its threshold. Once comfortable within the overgrown wilderness, you are very welcome to contribute: by starting new topics, editing existing pages, or making new connections into or out of the Libarynth itself, beyond its porous edges.

Here are a few possible starting points:

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