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Foamlab and the Jeruzalemkerk have started an edible urban garden in Amsterdam-West. We are trying to create an edible garden using permaculture with a team consisting of Church members and neighbours.

Since the grounds are poor in nutrients we have decided to enliven it not with animal or chemical manure, but by using plants that can do this. This green manure is a mixture of many native plants. We found a great mixture here: seeds There are also (native) fruits for the church community, neighbours and local wildlife to enjoy. More on this follows..

  • pictures of the garden project can be found on flickr

Wild herbs found in the Churchgarden

Herderstasje - Capsella bursa-pastoris

Melganzenvoet - Chenopodium album

Grote en kleine Brandnetel - Urtica dioica, Urtica urens

Schijf kamille - Matricaria discoidea

Spiesmelde - Atriplex prostata

Herik - Sinapis arvensis

Dovenetel - Lamium album

Vogelmuur - Stellaria media

Koolzaad - Brassica napus

Grote weegbree - Plantago major

Perzik kruid - Persicaria maculosa

Speerdistel - Cirsium vulgare

Vlierbloesem - Sambucus nigra

Hondsroos - Rosa canina

Boshavikskruid - Hieracium sabaudum

Beklierde duizendknoop - Polygonum lapathifolium

Harige knopkruid - Galinsoga quadriradiata komt overeen met Kaal knopkruid? Zo ja dan is die eetbaar:

Vogelwikke - Vicia cracca

Esdoornganzenvoet - Chenopodium hybridum

Heilige Bonen

This is an event in the Junikunstmaand 2009 held at the church about new roles for plants in urban lives and on urban tongues (of many species hopefully).

Associated artists Annet Bult / Wietske Maas / Christina Della Guistina

Garden Sermon

garden_sermon a special Church service held in October 2011, in which Minister Bas van der Graaf spoke about the Garden as an Image. (Dutch text available on the dedicated page.)

More info on gardening

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