4th October 2014 - 4th January 2015

At the Future Fictions exhibition, FoAM and Z33 co-create the Futures Lab, a laboratory for experimental world construction. More about the exhibition in the Mini Catalogue.


In the media:

Futures Lab is a research archive, workshop and reading lounge for exploring possible futures. Visitors can find various traces of absent futurists and their investigations scattered throughout: research materials and working notes, a small library and a range of works in progress. A significant part of the lab is a video with background information about the unique worlds of Future Fictions: the projects and the people behind them. Also noteworthy is a programme of futures-related interventions, workshops and conversations taking place in the lab, including a new work by artist Arne Hendriks, a workshop by design collective The Extrapolation Factory and another by Pantopicon.

FoAM occupies the Futures Lab for the duration of the exhibition, where we invite visitors to explore what it might mean to prototype and rehearse possible futures in the present. While in the lab, FoAM collects and shares the materials from the Futurist Fieldguide, a manual for people interested in trying their hand at scenario building, design fiction and other world construction practices. Aside from these ongoing research activities, FoAM offers a sample of their participatory events that have been especially designed for Future Fictions: serving an experimental Food Futures menu at the exhibition opening, hosting the Futures of Doing Nothing workshop and pre-enactments, the Futures card games playshop and the Godsheide Futures workshop with the University of Hasselt Department of Architecture, as well as welcoming visitors for a drink and conversation during ongoing aperos in the lab.


in progress...

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