based on v8.1 and 8.3 (see also lisp machine and vlm on linux and/or Running Open Genera 2.0 on Linux (with adenda) and possibly the macivory notes)

from the handbook…

logging in Login (username)
logout, c-D Logout
help <help>
cat Show File
cd not really required, see section “Workbook: Pathnames”
cp Copy File
diff Show Differences
find use wildcards (ie. *) with Show Directory
finger Show Users
grep Find String
ls Show Directory
man Show Documentation
mkdir Create Directory
more Show File
mv Rename File
lpr Hardcopy File
pwd not really required, see section “Workbook: Pathnames”
rm Delete File
talk Use Converse, <select> C
who Show Users
whois Show Namespace Object
write Use Converse, <select> C
using pipes add the :output destination keyword to a command
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