• Catalysing,
  • heart opened,
  • soft-eyed, peripheral vision, blurrey lenses, rose tinted glasses,
  • shape shifting,
  • mindful and concentrated, tricky,
  • capable of intense, fast speed and deeply slow at same time sensing self and others at same time,
  • can create fractures in space and black holes,
  • disturber and attractor
  • can see molecules and bigger picture at the same time
  • sucks people in and repels at the same time
  • visible and invisible at the same time
  • occupying a place of awareness between waking, sleeping, direct and periphery
  • occupies blurred space in between space
  • a hybrid grey space creature
  • transforms by simply being no doing…
  • being creates change
  • magickal

Swimming in the gap spaces reaching out and repelling generating ripples in the unstable territories of dark spaces within peoples consciousness. Waking us up while allowing us to maintain ownership of the changes and transformations. Wordless substance, moving where there are instabilities. Blind and all seeing sniffing out lies and truth dichotomies drinking blood and sticky substances that ooze from perfect pores. Dream maker that scours our depths and makes us grow up and around encasing us in binding light, waking us up to our true potential. Dream creature stirs and dances in the fragment space and generates uncertainty and confusion breaking up crusts and boxes. Stirring up animals held in chains churning up solid substances into liquid soupy material for reconstituting our lives.


  • large, expansive, thin and empty, supple and malleable
  • made out of many tiny invisible swarms
  • has a hard, warm and noisy skeleton…thin and elongated
  • sex: hermaphrodite


  • conjure up space where there was none before
  • make infinity
  • shape swarms
  • make people humble by eliciting extreme emotions
  • soothing people by allowing them to leak out uncontrollably, soaking them up and turning them into swarms of spatialised sounds (can communicate with people using sounds/voice)


  • uncompressible (needs large space to exist)
  • fragile (easily dissolves into infinity)
  • fleeting (exists only in moments)
  • steals breaths

Sensual characteristics

  • Sound: windy with bursts of buzzing and squeaks, whispers a lot
  • Colour: twilight and dawn
  • Texture: sandy, airy, crunchy, but sometimes succulent
  • Scent: dusty, herby, (rosemary and thyme)
  • Mood: melancholic, yearning, soft and calming


  • Spatial: tectonic, herbal
  • Temporal: insectoid


  • it invites and attracts single bodies (both positive and negative towards character) to join and confront it.
  • constantly accepting and spitting out..if you are a negative object and manage to enter the way or another you will be changed….or some part will be changed.
  • it doesnt have any sharp bodies, some times you don't really see where it started and where it ends though it has kind of outer (boiling, influencing, centre) bubbling, moving against centre
  • its main colour is blue/green
  • Its made out of an infinite amount of bodies
  • Its very organic



  • Thin, many armed, mirrored in parts, translucent in others (sometimes masked).
  • Many arms, clouds of hands,, often working together, sometimes not
  • continually shaping itself with its own arms/hands
  • possibly androgynous, attractive, but vaguely faceless, often the face appears as a mirror, to some a mask to others
  • old and wise, or young and foolish, depending on the light
  • industrious(?) offering comfort and solace by offering arms as a shelter, or to hold things in place, or tear them down.
  • often mistaken for someone else
  • know as either “us” or “them”



Alfred is an explorer.


  • He has the ability to see all that goes on.
  • Sometimes in all directions (everywhere)
  • Sometimes in history…1424…1606…1910…2007..(everywhen)
  • He can move instantly, so no mass inertia.
  • He can move or dance around things without disturbing them.
  • He needs no nourishment.
  • He moves in sync with life like a liquid ninja.
  • When he likes something he multiplies.


  • He cannot manipulate his surroundings.


  • He wears a butler costume.
  • A gives set of Alberts are connected by a pink toothpaste like substance that serves the same purpose as the silver-surfers board.



  • Can take over/copy the powers of others
  • It appears only in the shape of a human being or black bird
  • It can tap in the powers of any plant or animal, rock, water, air or human being
  • so it can become one with the other, the other one doesnt even notice, while at the same time it stays a human being.
  • it likes to tease
  • in bright light it loses its powers
  • he always needs to carry something with it, otherwise it can be attacked by anything
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