“There are more species of fungi, bacteria, and protozoa in a single scoop of soil than there are plants and vertebrate animals in all of North America”

“This book is a manual for the mycological rescue of the planet […] Linking mushroom cultivation, permaculture, ecoforestry, bioremediation and soil enhancement.”

Four components of mycorestoration are described in detail:

  • Mycofiltration: the filtration of biological and chemical pathogens as well as controlling erosion.
  • Mycoforestry and mycogardening: the use of mycelium for companion cultivation for the benefit and protection of plants.
  • Mycoremediation: the use of mycelium for decomposing toxic wastes and pollutants.
  • Mycopesticides: the use of mycelium for attracting and controlling insect populations.


  • collect references & primary sources wrt. mycorestoration field trials
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