notes for the 'carot salad' component of colours in concrete (see also )

how to make carot salad…

scheme bricks style layout

how to make carot salad...

circular layout

<graphviz> digraph { rankdir=LR; place20 [label=“Carrot Salad”] trans11 → place20 [label=“None”] trans11 [label=“Garnish” shape=“rect”] place17 → trans11 [label=“All”] place17 [label=“”] trans10 → place17 [label=“None”] trans10 [label=“Plate” shape=“rect”] place16 → trans10 [label=“All”] place16 [label=“”] trans9 → place16 [label=“After 1/2 hour”] trans9 [label=“Soak” shape=“rect”] place15 → trans9 [label=“All”] place15 [label=“”] trans8 → place15 [label=“None”] trans8 [label=“Mix” shape=“rect”] place14 → trans8 [label=“All”] place14 [label=“”] trans7 → place14 [label=“None”] trans7 [label=“Combine” shape=“rect”] place12 → trans7 [label=“To taste”] place12 [label=“Fleur de sel”] place13 → trans7 [label=“1 teaspoon”] place13 [label=“Honey”] place11 → trans8 [label=“All”] place11 [label=“”] trans6 → place11 [label=“Until you need it”] trans6 [label=“Refridgerate” shape=“rect”] place10 → trans6 [label=“All”] place10 [label=“”] trans5 → place10 [label=“None”] trans5 [label=“Place in airtight container” shape=“rect”] place9 → trans5 [label=“All”] place9 [label=“”] trans4 → place9 [label=“None”] trans4 [label=“Shred (mandolin or grater)” shape=“rect”] place8 → trans4 [label=“500g”] place8 [label=“Carrots”] place18 → trans11 [label=“5”] place18 [label=“Candied Violets”] place19 → trans11 [label=“15”] place19 [label=“Fresh Violets”] } </graphviz>

graphviz output

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