The patabotanists have to excuse themselves for not being present at the Citadelpark. They’ve sent their research assistants to represent them and serve dishes to test human responses to particular plants and experiences. The research assistants work in pairs, where one person serves and the other one functions as a ‘sitter’ (, preparing the person for the experience and asking about the experience afterwards. At the end of the picnic,

Lily’s Moondrop

  • A drop of verbena dew in a leaf of Alchemilla Vulgaris in a cloud of morning mist

Daphne’s Moderation

  • Balancing volatiles of acacia and lemon balm in a duo of herb and hand cream

Hazel’s Union of Opposites

  • Crunchy (Romanesco) broccoli florets with bloody mary and basil pesto

Bud’s Edible Archive

  • Barley and nettle maki with horseradish paste and ginger petals

Ivy’s Fool’s Errand

  • Sweet chilli glazed button mushrooms on a stick, with wasabi sesame seeds and popping candy

Ashton’s Conscious Infusion

  • Potatoes roasted in salt crust with oak coffee butter

Herbert’s Craftman’s Language

  • Minty Rice Paper infused in Lingua Ignota

Larch’s Thorny Swamp

  • Ghent’s swamp cake in wormwood shrubbery

Pansy’s Spring Blossoms

  • A bouquet of candied flowers

Fraser’s Sweet Sacrifice

  • Lavender sugar suspended. Electrolyte cocktail
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