The journey of a transiency encourages us to move through a time and space of transition and reshaping in which we are confronted with not immediately knowing what outcomes may emerge. It allows us to acknowledge this state of unknowing, a space where shifts can take place and new “compositions” can arise. A space where being in and with silence is valued, where we can dive deeper into the research of possible futures. A space where we can set sail into the wild unknown while being silently surrounded and supported. To sense and experience the full embodiment of transition, and ways it can be facilitated.

From the beginning of this journey, I have been asking myself: What are the principle stages of collective transition, and what shapes and movements does it take for the individual? What kind of space, attention, intention, understanding and facilitation does it require in order to give birth to new futures? I am interested in sensing the connections between the creative processes of transition and (re)developing the awareness and skills for these to be encourage in times of local, national and global change that we all face on many different levels today.

In this way, the transiency for me is to embark on a vitally creative process – you could even say to explore the essence of creativity itself. It’s a process of surrender and suspense, pulsating silence, shapeshifting – an adventurous journey of discovery through unknown landscapes, harvesting yet unknown skills and insights. Committing to this journey, embodying the process and letting these experiences emerge from the great unknown: I would suggest it’s something that goes beyond the usual “me” and “you” in certain ways – a movement towards a more collective level that is yet acted and given shape by the individual. And this movement lets me listen, wait, not know, embrace, be in suspense – and exist and create from within an emerging future.

T H O U G H T S and K E Y W O R D S

  • Tree of Transformation
  • Rituals for hearing, listening and stepping over threshold → times of change and initiations

→ Rites of passage

  • The Art of Setting Intention
  • Curating, the architecing of spaces for creative shifts, insights, transformation and sharing of in and output

→ select, organize, and present → [Middle English curat, from Medieval Latin crtus, from Late Latin cra, spiritual charge, from Latin, care; see cure.]

  • Facilitation - a form of curating by creating inner spaces for experiences, shifts, weaving different strands together
  • allowing space to breath, to start becoming living, moving, expanding, shapeshifting entities


The Call

being taken out of the comfort zone - with tendency to refuse

Crossing the Threshold

allowing to move it in us, allowing the call and meet the guardian of the threshold listening to the clarity of the threshold get supported through magical tool breathing the clarity of the intention

Building the Fellowships and Alliances

Spotting friends and false friends being seen by the others and filter who is supporting the essence is us.

Exploring the World
Into the belly of the Beast
Magical Flight
Integration and Forgiveness
The Return


  • On Silence
  • On Suspense
  • On Trust
  • On holding Space
  • On sensing the emerging
  • On Shift
  • On tackeling the yet unknown
  • On Reconnection
  • On Bridge Building
  • On Creation/Creativity

D E E P E N I N G of K N O W L E D G E , M E T H O D S & T O O L S

This page is about the different methods I have encountered and got to know better on my journey so fare. Its a place where I capture the essences of the different trainings I am/was following in my transiency time and deepen the interfaces between them. A place to make the study of new tools and methods visible. A place to knit old and new knowledge & expertise together towards this new way of being.

Dragon Dreaming

Theory U-Lab

Transition to Resilience

Hosting Crafts

Art of Hosting

Hero's Journey

Spiral Dynamics

Systemic Constellation

D I V E & W E A V E

B O O K S - Food on the Journey


  • Source by Joseph Jaworoski
  • Wholeness and the Implicate Order by David Bohm
  • Leading from the emerging Future by Otto Schramer
  • Ervin László



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