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Entities whose identities got mostly scattered throughout different worlds are the Inverts,. Displaced, fragmented, confused and lost, these entities need each other's assistance to survive and are actively involving everyone around them in their hopeless quest for id/entity recollection. Most of them roam the worlds, performing disconnected actions that to the others appear unfinished, schizophrenic or sadly bizarre.

Attila the Looping Hun slipped through a wormhole in the cataclysm. Unfortunately, only a small part of him made it through. His only remaining unconnected memories are: Conquer, Church, Bark. Being a warrior, he concludes that his goal in life is to conquer Groznjan, but he doesn't remember how, or in fact - why. His memories tell him that barking at the church might do the trick. So he barks at the church. When nothing happens, he repeats the action with slight variations: conquer barking at church, bark at the conquerer of the church, in the church conquer barking… and then, he falls into a loop. After several failures, he decided to recruit an army. He trains the army to bark at the church, but as a wise leader, he allows the army to strategise their own ways of conquering the fortress. And then he goes to bark at the church, again. This time, through a megaphone.

Atilla the Looping Hun


The Phylotic Hermaphrodite has suffered a horrible loss during the cataclysm: its perfectly unified androginous body split into two incomplete hermaphrodites, still connected by infinitely stretchable philotes (undivisible strings of an atom). The problem with the philotes is that their stretch is only uni-directional - they stretch only outwards. Trapped in the Sideways gamePlay, it tries to navigate both realities in a search of him/her self. It hangs suspended for days and nights, defying the physical constraints of the playSpace, hoping to be teleported into the gameSpace, where its beloved half dwells, where it could become its coherent, but strangely morphed xyxx entity. Its philotes are getting longer and longer with each motion, taking the two halves further apart, so that only with the well-willing Players navigating through the gameSpace for him/her, there is still a ray of hope that the two halves will reunite.

Phylotic Hermaphrodite


The Scattered Shapeshiftster is a mortal being. In her previous state she was a Distance Compressor between realities. During the cataclysm, she attempted to soak up as many realities, states, entities and phases as she could compress. However, as the cataclysm lasted much longer than predicted, her compressor overloaded and instead of containing the soaked items, it scattered both its contents and the Shapeshiftster herself, so that each of the items became her, and vice versa. Tired and strewn, she lost her sense of self, and became all the stories, all the worlds that she tried to contain. Several of the items got corrupted in the process of decompression, causing her to cough up more glitches and inconsistencies into the Continuum. More than the Continuum can handle… She is obsessed with knots and tangles, burrying and unburrying, pressure cookers and wine presses, always mixing too many contents into too small containers, violently annoyed by the effects of her mistakes, saddened by the loss of her abilities to compress the passages betwixt realities. She still continues trying, with unearthly vigour, by layering tasks upon tasks, and doing them faster and faster, until she collapses in a nervous ball of hair, that the Cat-shaped strige roll around the island, causing her shapes to flip through themselves at random, spitting an unexpected shape and a new set of tasks at the end of the Strige's game.

Scattered Shapeshifster


The Captain's Shipmate has lost his medium, the sea. He tries to convince the Captain to build a vessel for travel between the worlds, to find a new medium, a new job, many new journeys. As the captain doesn't respond to his demands, he convinces the Players to help him out. However, his main task is still to serve the Captain, who needs him to be his babblefish, translating the convoluted, drunken stories to the Captain's eager audience. Diligent and responsible, he works on both tasks with a smile, gathering materials, designing the vessel, cleaning up after the Captain, paying his bills and comforting his mistresses.

Captain`s Shipmate


The Echoing Twitch is an invert confined to a pocket of vacuum where sound doesn't travel - this entity is built out of a vibration that used to travel between the different dimensions of the real, consisting of immaterial sound and tactile sensations. After the cataclysm, the resonances shifted and all the passages from the airless emptiness were blocked. She roams the vacuum as a dusty, solipsistic Diva of a silent Opera, singing to herself without a voice to be heard. The only sounds that the rest of reality ever hears from her are single twitchy notes passing through the cracks, when the resonant chambres realign for brief moments. She yearns to fill all spaces with continuous vibrations, reconnecting the sensation of unity and rapture within herself and the environment. There is one tiny portal from the vacuum pocket into the gameSpace, where her voice can be heard. She implores the gameSpace dwellers to spread her words through the playSpace, asking the Players to enlarge the portal in both spaces, and free her vibrations to fill their lives with music, once again.

Echoing Twitch


The Nightshift Bot and the Dayshift Bot are two inter-linked entities. Their original task was making sure that the realism of one part of the gameSpace was always in perfect synchrony with the physical laws in the playSpace. Both Bots got teleported from the gameSpace to the physical world. The cataclysm caused a shift in their reality foundation, but also swapped parts of their programs - they act in a confused, but algorithmic manner, unable to snap out of the unfit functionality. The Nightshift Bot was actually the Dayshift Bot, who is programmed to be switched off at night. As their roles changed during the teleport, this Bot found himself only having to function at night - when in fact he was unable to do so. In order to follow his designed tasks, he needs to satisfy his programmed light-craving algorithm, he is ceaselessly collecting light sources and herding them, unable to execute anything, as soon as he is removed from his artificially generated day-light. The Dayshift Bot on the other hand now functions during daytime, but daylight paralyses his routines and makes him mindlessly follow orders. This property makes him the perfect first recruit of Attila the Looping Hun, who exploits his inability to function beyond a simple command. In an attempt to block the sunlight, he cocoons himself into big black robes, wears several shades - one on top of the other, but knowing that all the disguise would function only for a short period of time (until Attila removes it from him, so that he can don an armor), he also carries around a small stool, to be able to sit down, in a comfortable position, when the paralysis kicks in

Nightshift Bot and Dayshift Bot


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